Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stressed out: Vacation pending

Super busy and at work today. Provided a nice distraction from food. There were even brownies in the kitchen leftover from some partner visit that I managed to resist. I was able to get through 45 minutes of cardio. Watched Million Dollar Decorators and part of Flippin' Out. What would I do without the Bravo network? I know Andy Cohen and I would be friends - if he knew me.

Food Diary:
Breakfast Cheerios with skim milk and a granny smith apple
am snack Greek Yogurt
Lunch Steamed veggies - mushrooms, broccoli and squash with a
tuna salad sandwich on light whole wheat bread.
pm snack Pretzels and cheese, popcorn, baby carrots and some
dinner protein bar, some more tuna salad with some pretzel chips.

According to my fitness pal If everyday were like today, I'd weigh 134.5 in 5 weeks. Sounds good to me. I burned 475 calories and ate about 1500. I weighed 139.5 this morning.

I've been pretty stressed with work - lots to do before I take vacation. I have been staying late in the office and working from home in the evenings. Tonight will be no different. I hope I can actually take tomorrow off as planned. Wish me luck.

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