Monday, January 12, 2009

Where does the time go?

7 days/week x 24 hours/day = 168 hours/week

I spend about 50 hours each week on Job #1 – innovating and strategizing about creating life-long, engaged banking customers. 84 hours a week goes Job #2 – Chief Executive Officer of my family of 6 (4 humans and 2 animals.) I came up with 84 hours figuring from 8am to 8pm pretty much every day I'm consumed with DayCare, Kindergarten, strep throat, ear infections, breaking up fights over the DS, supervising TV viewing, grocery shopping, meal planning, gift shopping, invitation RSVP'ing, wardrobe selecting, school project designing, calendar/activity coordinating, camp registering, nose wiping, dog brushing and vacuuming. Thankfully, I sleep about 6 hours each night. Altogether that’s 176 hours, which goes OVER the amount of hours available in a single week by 8 hours. No wonder I have no time to exercise.

Post Script (added after my darling husband called and read this entry)
I had drafted some items about his Job #2 as CFO of the household, but took the post in another direction. Just in case anyone thought I was alone at the helm, not so. My partner in crime spends the same, if not more hours per week managing his 2 careers. Job #1 - not totally sure but I know he goes to an office every day, works on something related to accounting and finance, and gets a nice paycheck. Job #2 includes doing laundry, home improvements - and by home improvements I don't mean changing lightbulbs or fixing the vacuum when I've clogged it with dog hair or fixing the remote control when it doesn't do what I want it to (oh he does that, too), but what I really mean is major remodels and repair like basement finishing, knocking down walls, installing new doors and windows (not the replacement kind), bathroom gutting and reconstruction, etc. He cleans bathrooms and runs with the dog. He also chauffeurs the kids to swimming lessons and gymnastics classes and is in charge of Kindergarten homework completion and kidbaths. Love you, honey! What's even more amazing is he finds time to exercise! Not fair.

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