Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Make It After All!

Turns out the hair is not a total disaster. I’m kind of figuring out how to deal with it. It’s always great when a friend at work reacts positively to it. One did, I’ll classify all others as a neutral reaction, which could go either way. As for the all-important family reaction, my kids were split. The boy hated it and wasn’t afraid to tell me as soon as he hopped off the bus. I was apologetic to him and reminded him it would grow back eventually and all would be right the world once again. He nodded and shuffled through his backpack to show me the new Bakugan ball he traded at school. I can’t blame him for not really caring much about his Mom’s haircut, he’s got way more important things on his mind. The girl, who would be excited and happy if I told her I was going to surgically remove her eyeballs with fishing hooks - as long as I said it in the right tone with the proper happy face on – loved it. She’s too easy sometimes. 3 is a great age.

I made the mistake (I'm calling it a mistake, but maybe it was no mistake at all - read on . . .) of calling my husband at work before he came home to warn him about my displeasure with the hair, therefore rendering his forthcoming reaction null and void. You see, while being my best friend for almost 10 years, he has pretty much figured me out and knows that he needs to be Switzerland on this one. If he’s too enthusiastic, I’ll just think he’s trying to make me feel better, and if he agrees with me not liking it – he’s knows I’d be out the door that very second to get it all shaved off. He didn’t disappoint. No reaction and he avoided being pinned down for a comment all night. Although I’m pretty sure he’s not crazy about it, he would NEVER tell me. He’s the BEST! I’m still thinking it’s quite possible I’ll spend another $50 for the Alyssa Milano before the end of the month.

Here’s the big news to report. I’m still eating well and I’ve even started exercising! Yes, I was in full workout regalia on the treadmill in the basement – the underarmour shorts, the towel, the ipod, the new serious runner running shoes, and the $15 socks that are supposed to make you run longer or some crap. I lasted a whopping 30 minutes, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I even spent another 5 minutes throwing some dumbbells around for a few sets. I topped it off with a tour on Guiter Hero (every time I want to smoke, remember, I either eat, watch mindless TV or now, play the Wii. I guess you can add blogging to the list of alternate addiction activities as well.)
Weighed 144 this am. That’s 5 pounds in 3 days. I know when I weighed myself Sunday night it was about 30 seconds after downing the entire carton of gelato, and this a.m. I weighed before brushing my teeth, so I get it. But whatever – I LOST 5 POUNDS!!! Size 4 here I come. I bet if I were a size 4, my hair would look better . . .

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