Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I said Demi Moore not Dudley Moore!

So needless to say the haricut did not turn out as well as I would have liked it too. I had such high hopes. Scoured magazines and websites, printed out about 15 images of adorable shaggy chin-length bobs - Jessica Albe, Tiffany Amber Theissen, Jenny Garth, Faith Hill. I obviously do not have the same kind of hair as these ladies because my new do looks nothing like ANY of the pictures I so proudly produced to my stylist at the beginning of the chopping session. OH and I don't have the same stylist either, or the army of folks doing my make up, working on the hair, doing the make-up, etc. I get it. But dear God, at least get me to some semblance of the hair shape and length in the picture. And why am I such a wuss that at the end, all I said was, "thank you - it's exactly what I wanted!! I love it - it looks great." It actually looks like a bad toupee. Now normally when this happens, (this is not the first time I've been disappointed at the salon) I can usually run a hand or two through it, sweep it off my face, and by the time I get in the car and pull down the mirror, I can breathe. But this time, it actually looked worse after I screwed with it. All of my hair is no longer than the middle of my cheek and it's a million different lengths all swept forward, sides and bangs like a cheek blanket. When I got home - right to the powder room where I try to do damage control. After closer inspection it appears that one side is visibly shorter than the other. I certainly didn't ask for a new age asymmetrical cut - WTF?

I have 3 critical missions today - 1. wash the hair and try to diffuse it - perhaps the curly version of this awful cut will work. 2. Wash hair and try to straighten it with my flat iron (I'm not holding out much hope on this solution since it's pretty much what my girl did in the salon, but you never know 3. Find an alternate stylist to give me a shorter cut - probably back to the old pixie - all before I return to the office tomorrow - 9am. I have work to do. Wish me luck.

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