Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Funk Continues and I love TV

Day 2 of Post-Holiday Reality (to be referenced hereunto as PHR) yields little solace, despite decent diet and no cigarettes. I'm actually surprised by the lack of craving for cigarettes, and chocolate. I guess the well balanced meals and even-keeled blood sugars really do make a difference. What I really don't understand is why I must watch The View every blessed night. Sorry for jumping subjects so quickly, but my television watching habits are really quite troublesome. Monday nights my DVR normally delivers some true TV magic. The lineup includes The View (which I record every day - waiting for Elizabeth to punch Joy, or Barbara Walters to act a little more senile that she already does) By the way does anyone think that Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Julie Clark (creator of Baby Einstein) were separated at birth? I've been trying to tip off Perez Hilton on his blog but can't figure out how to post a comment - you need to sign in, get a password, have it authenticated - really too much work. Anyway back to the TV shows - The View, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Chuck, Intervention and The City (used to be the Hills, but same story different coast - I'm totally addicted and think Jay is a DORK and even though Olivia is snotty - she really is beautiful!) Used to include Jon and Kate plus Eight, but really the way she berates poor Jon and how he takes it on national television is too much for me to take - even though I'll watch heroine addicts suck on crack and Whoopie pontificate on all the wrongs of conservatism, I have to draw the line somewhere. I used to record Worst Life - but it was so much like Meet the Focker's that I just couldn't get into it and yet it the highest rated new comedy on CBS - I'm thinking it must be the ONLY new comedy on CBS to garner that title. So once the kids are nestled in their beds by around 8:30 and my husband goes up to bed an hour later (he works 6:30-3:30 so he gets up before 6 and needs his 8 hours to function) I park it on the couch and begin the ritual. I have all the commercials timed to perfection so I can lithely fast forward through them all without missing a second of my shows. Before the holidays, the ritual would have included a diet coke and a snack - maybe ice cream (who am I kidding, definitely ice cream). And 3-4 weeks before that it would have included 1 or 2 cigs during the commercial breaks out on the patio. I could still see the TV through the slider and know exactly when to extinguish the butt so not to miss any entertainment on the tube. But now that I'm a super-duper, non-smoking (for 6 weeks) healthy eater (for 1 day), I have no choice but to completely dive into the show. I watched the City and got some ideas for new outfits - why is it that Whitney can put together 2 random pieces like a bright red skirt and a beige vest and look completely put together? I decided to save Intervention for tonight - Tuesday is a light night for the DVR, if we're lucky, hubby and I can catch Big Bang, H.I.M.Y.M and 2 1/2 Men together but no worries this week - they were reruns last night, so they didn't record. I can dive into the misery of addicts and their co-dependent family members drawing vague links to my own family (probably won't explain this further but suffice it to say there's [at least} one in every family).
I will also be dealing with the joy of trying to cure my laptop from the 34 Trojan horse viruses it's contracted - thanks facebook. Of course I can't find the original OS software that came with the laptop. That's thanks to another idiosyncrasy of mine - the I can't keep or save ANYTHING that doesn't have an actual "place" in my home. And I go on bimonthly clean sweeps where things that haven't been used or referenced lately usually get tossed because they don't belong in the junk drawer, the kitchen table, or worse the kitchen counter where they have taken up residence for the last few days driving me bonkers. As a result of this neurosis, I don't keep original packaging for anything. This is obviously why I can't find the software - I'm sure it's been tossed. I did oddly enough find the laptop manual miraculously in our filing cabinet with other manuals I sometimes remember to catalog, but no disk. I may have to resort to Geek Squad to get me out of this mess, but I can't help but think my genius husband will find a way to fix it, hopefully sooner than later. I always have the good old desktop in the kitchen with the God-awful wireless keyboard that doesn't type as fast as I do and I fnd myslf constntly msspllng wrds wth it. VRY FRSTRTNG!!

By now I've forgotten the point of this post. I've eaten well today - substituted the usual caramel (full fat milk) macchiato with a skim version that uses sugar free vanilla flavoring. Had more yogurt, kidney beans, beets (sorry Dad - they're actually pretty good), another mozz/tom sandwich. So I'm still a vegetarian (not sure what the prize is for that, but so far no headaches and I don't feel too tired) At least not too tired to complete the next tour on Guitar Hero, tuck the kids in, check facebook and settle in for The View, Intervention and some cursing at my laptop.

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