Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm not perfect. The following is a list (not necesarily exhaustive) of my recent missteps as a mother, wife, employer, gym member, dieter, shopper. I'm thinking admission may lead to absolution. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

1. Failed to thoroughly wipe down the treadmill at the gym

2. Sent my daughter to school less than 24 after her first dose of antibiotic

3. Smoked a Marlboro Light during halftime of the NFC playoff game

4. Ate entire package of ELFudge cookies without sharing

5. Took the shortcut on my Kickboxing class run

6.Went to work without showering

7. Got a pedicure without shaving first

8. Blamed passed gas on the dog or a kid

9. Put the kids to bed without brushing their teeth

10. Sent the kids to school without brushing their teeth

11. Swept crumbs under a throw rug

12. Remembered the cat needed to be fed and didn't feed the cat

13. Skipped pages of a long bedtime story book

14. Told my kids there wasn't any ice cream left when there was

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