Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boo Hoo! You're cordially invited to my pity party.

Here's the latest:

I can do a bridge. Not for very long, but I feel the walkover is eminent! I've been doing lots of hand stands and round offs. Even in restaurants with my daughter. Thank goodness I am a regular at a few places where we can get away with that kind of behavior. Kind of fun!

Let's examine today's Food Diary:

Breakfast - red delicious apple and 7 honey wheat pretzels (190)
Lunch - 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 saltines (165)
Snacks - Supreme Protein PB&J Bar & Popcorn (300)
Dinner - sliced tomatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, filet mignon (300)

Probably too few calories, but I'm pretty sure I've got something stored if my body needs it. I have to get into a bathing suit Friday at Dorney Park with the kids. More importantly, there's a very good chance I may be on a California beach next week. There's my motivation for the next few days.

I haven't really been doing any regular exercise. That's due to the fact that I got some kind of illness last week that started out as a stomach bug and migrated into some sinus gook. Made me pretty tired and when I'm sick I like to eat bad things. I was convinced that I was probably gaining weight, but I avoided the scale. Only to be pleasantly surprised that I hadn't gained an ounce. I guess my metabolism goes into overdrive when I'm sick. Which would explain why I got so hungry and managed to avoid any major poundage setbacks.

I aspire to get back to my morning workouts, but the next few days will not be conducive to my plan. Today was the kid's first day of school, and since Ells woke me up around 4:30 to tell me she was scared of something, I couldn't get back to sleep. So my 6am alarm was replaced with my 7:15 alarm, which gives me just enough time to shower, get the kids up and fed in time for the school bus. Tomorrow, I have to drag the kids out of bed at 6:30 to get the dogs to their new Daycare for a temperament test in Wilmington, drive back home and do the morning bus thing with the kids again by 8:20. Don't get me started on the whole Doggie Daycare drama. I'll save that for another post. Tomorrow night and Thursday night are cheer nights. I will be driving both nights since NEXT week I will be in LA for work and unable to contribute my driving duties to the carpool. So it looks like Thursday morning and Friday morning may be viable workout times for me. Sucks that this all has to be analyzed so.

Speaking of scheduling conflicts, I also had to turn down my ballet teaching job that was supposed to start this fall. With Elliana's cheerleading, Braedon's baseball and my work schedule that sometimes includes last minute travel plans, I felt like it was just too much and I couldn't commit to EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at 6 to teach a class. I would have ended up maybe teaching half the classes and pissing off a bunch of parents, and possible the school as well. While it was the absolute right thing for me to do, I'm terribly disappointed. It was all this ballet excitement that helped me get off my ass last year. I haven't taken a class for myself in about 4 months. Totally bummed. I have reminded my husband of his duty to go earn double his salary already. But I'm not holding my breath.

I'm starting to come to terms with my current existence that involves a full time job that is turning into a career, and does not include being Suzy homemaker, stay-at-home-mom. I'm still not accepting it, but it's starting to sink in. Not necessarily a good thing, but I don't feel like there is much I can do about it. The impact to our current lifestyle if I were to quit my job would be unacceptable to all 4 of us. Not much more to say.

Pity Party on people!

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  1. Catherine, good post. I'm struggling with many of the same issues. Esp. now with 3 in 3 different places. We should really put our heads together and start a business we could manage from home, the beach, wherever. And don't get me started on my weight. I gained back all weight lost on P90X and then some. NOT happy about it!