Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Day of Gluttony

So, how did yesterday turn out you might be wondering? Dinner included a giant bowl of linguine and clams, along with a few bites of chocolate layer cake with chocolate cream cheese icing. Curse you Aurora Pizza!!

Today wasn't much better:

Kashi cereal with almond milk (200 calories)
Blueberries (100 calories)
Cantalope (80 calories)
Lunch @ the Queen - a few slices of gourmet pizza, half a grilled chicken sandwich, some french fries and some eggplant fries. (who knows how many calories - too many I'm sure)
White chocolate macadamia nut cookie (170 calories) I really need to stay out of the cafe at work - always get me in trouble.
McDonald's hot fudge sundae w/ peanuts (375 calories)

Total calories = 1600+
Calories burned = big fat, bloated zero.

Every morning this week, instead of be-bopping down to the treadmill and getting my sweat on, I've been enjoying lazy mornings in bed with Ells and Dash watching my trashy TV before 7am. We watched Toddlers and Tiaras this morning. Elliana knew Eden Wood would win the pageant - duh. Dash just chewed on his stuffed turtle.

On the bright side - I documented the day. There's always tomorrow. I have high hopes for an early morning workout and a better diet day. Mama's gotta get caught up on LA Ink.

How do YOU get out of a working out or dieting rut?

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