Thursday, March 3, 2011

My NYC adventure

So for my birthday, I decided to treat myself to an intensive 8-day teacher training program through the American Ballet Theater. The result, assuming I pass the final exam, would be certification to teach Primary through Level3 Ballet. I would be in NYC Friday – the following Saturday, spending each day 9-5 working and studying with other dancers and teachers from around the world. I planned to spend my evenings taking open ballet classes all over the city. I planned to meet up with my 2nd cousin, who works at bar in Chelsea. I planned to meet my long-lost step-cousin that I just met through facebook for a drink. So, things didn’t go quite as planned, BUT I loved every minute of my time in the City. I didn’t make it to a ballet class every night. I didn’t get together with either of my cousins. BUT . . . Here’s what I did do:

1. I ditched the blonde hair at a swanky salon in SOHO and spent a fortune doing so
2. I celebrated my 38th birthday all by myself
3. I was a vegetarian (by accident) for about 6 days – the best carpaccio I’ve had broke my streak – totally worth it.
4. I walked and walked and walked and walked – even more than I should have considering every time I got out of a subway station I had to walk at least a block or 2 before I realized I was walking the wrong way. NOTE – the compass app on my Driod SUCKS!!
5. I learned how to tell the difference between a 2/4 March, a 3/4 Polonaise and a 4/4 time signature all with live accompaniment.
6. I met some really sweet, interesting and talented people and dancers
7. I saw NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center - my 1st time!
8. I drank lots of wine
9. I slept a little bit
10. I spent time with a dear old friend, who thankfully had a trip on Friday to save myself from more wine and no sleep – although the 3 days we did spend together wasn’t enough.

So the January funk is long gone. Now I’m having total NYC withdrawal. I’ve got some new opportunities at work that should bring some welcomed change. I’m hoping to get the one that will allow me to travel a bit more. NYC made me realize I really need to get out more. It’s good for me and everyone around me.

This week it’s back to reality. I’m definitely going back for training next year, but hopefully I’ll get out and about way before then!

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