Sunday, August 13, 2017


It's Sunday afternoon.  I had the BEST meal last night with some great people and lots of wine.  It was a great way to spend my last Saturday night before I attempt, once again, to consistently maintain some healthy eating habits and to see some physical changes.  Friday was my rock bottom.  2,200 calories worth of miniature chocolates at work.  In addition to breakfast lunch and dinner.  Wasn't much different from the 10-30 days prior, except for the fact that I was finally fed up with my lack of self-control and realized that I couldn't fit into any of my jeans/pants anymore.

The great thing about being fit-"ish" is that you can go a couple weeks, maybe even a month or so eating like crap, and aside from headaches and poor performance, it really does take awhile before your body starts changing for the worse.  The bad thing about that is that you can get away with eating like crap for a really long time and sometimes not notice the ill-effects.  And apparently for me, the headaches and low performance aren't enough to force me to make a change.  It's not until my clothes start feeling super tight do I typically have enough disgust for myself to switch gears.  That in and of itself is worrisome to me, since I try to be an example to others displaying a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body image.  Both of which are just big fat lies sometimes.

I'm on day 1 of yet another journey to get back on track.  My oldest ordered Papa John's Pizza, brownies and chocolate chip cookie. (big sigh).  However, I'm happy to report that I just bagged up the leftovers and threw out the boxes without even so much as a sniff.  Last Sunday, the last 2 slices, the remaining half of the tray of chocolate chip cookie and the 7 brownies would have been in my belly.  So that's a win!!!  I'm a little hungry and a little tired (today's my do-nothing rest day) but so far I've been successful.  One meal at a time for me.

Here's my Sunday:

Meal 1 - Scoop of protein powder, blended with water, ice, Tb Peanut butter and 1 C of spinach.
Meal 2 - Chicken breast with hot sauce, 2C zucchini sautéed in some ghee
Meal 3 - Whole wheat mini bagel with tiny bit of almond butter, Kale salad (the stuff you get from Costco) and a small bowl of ground turkey with taco seasoning.
Meal 4 - Stuffed pepper with ground turkey, brown rice and a slice of provolone cheese
Meal 5 - Scoop of casein in water  Rice cakes with peanut butter

Going to try and post more to keep me accountable.  Stay tuned for the progress.

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  1. 'Lack of self control', 'fit-ish', 'disgust for yourself'??? Are you kidding? I find your whole crossfit thing totally inspiring and look at you as someone to emulate. Just saying. Hope it helps! Trudi (your UK facebook friend)