Monday, June 20, 2016

10 Days Post-Op

The deed has been done.  Can't undo it now.  I have had the surgery.  Uneventful.   No real pain at all.  Just immobilization of my hip and no bearing of weight on my right leg.  Seems simple enough right?

Try these seemingly mundane tasks that I can't do by myself:

  1. Fixing yourself anything to eat or drink 
  2. Getting into the shower 
  3. Shaving your legs  
  4. Tying your shoe  
  5. Feeding the dogs
  6. Driving anywhere

Here's the short list of what I can do all by myself:

  1. Go from the couch to the toilet and back
  2. Take my brace off and put it back on
  3. Use my laptop (assuming it's within my reach)
  4. Use the TV remote (same assumption as above)
  5. Recline in my new power recliner
  6. Eat what I can grab with the fridge open
I am starting to go a little bit nutty during the week with the isolation and lack of ability to do anything.  I'm having a hard time asking for help.  My friends and family have been busy with their own lives.  They still have their normal obligations so I understand that they can't be waiting on me hand and foot.  

I go see my surgeon tomorrow for the first time since my surgery.  Hoping he has some good news in terms of increasing my activity and/or starting PT.  I know I'm whining, and this will all have a happy ending.  At least that what I'm praying for.  Just sucks being in the throes of it right now.  The weather has been gorgeous, I'd love to be outside a little and continue to be as active as I'm accustomed to being.  Feels like I'm missing out on life but I guess this is my life right now.  I need to just deal with it and know that it's temporary.  I am thankful for my friends and family that are making this time a little more bearable for me.  I know I'm not the most fun to be around lately.

Here's to finding the strength and patience to be OK.

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