Thursday, April 3, 2014

The best $20 I ever spent.

I didn't even know what The Open was until maybe early February.  JR was tweeting about it.  I did some digging and realized that it was basically a virtual CrossFit competition "open" to anyone.  I wondered who from our gym would register.  Then I mentioned it to JR.  He said I should register.  That's all I needed to hear.  I needed someone who knew about it to encourage me and basically confirm for me that it was something I could and should be a part of.  Thanks JR!  I really had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew it would be fun and I would hopefully learn a thing or 2.

I was disappointed that I had to watch the first workout announcement alone. I was really hoping the gym would have a party or something!  But on my couch, with my laptop - became my position each Thursday night at 8pm.  I texted Lauren non-stop during the first announcement, and pretty much during the other 4 announcements, too!  

I was pretty bummed that each of the early weeks there was something I wasn't very good at.  Double unders held me back in week 1.  I bought a new jump rope the following day.  Week 2 were those darned chest to bar pull-ups.  I still can't do one - but I'm so close!  Week 3 was a nice surprise.  Deadlifts and box jumps - 2 things I could do!  And I got 6 reps into a weight that was heavier than my 1 rep max from a few months prior.  I fell short of my goal in Week 4 - really wanted to get to those cleans.  It was my slow row that did me in.  And let's just say I do't have the best aim with my wall balls.  But I did get through those toes to bar that I had only gotten a few days prior.  I considered repeating 14.4 but realized that my score wasn't nearly as important as what I was learning about my strengths and weaknesses.  Week 5 was my most stressful workout - having to complete it on the road as a drop-in at another box.  But it turned into my BEST workout in terms of execution and placement.  And luckily,  it consisted of 2 movements I can actually do, and I actually like thrusters. Burpees, well who likes those anyway?

I did all my open workouts on Friday mornings.  I became the unofficial guinea pig for my friends doing it after me - allowing them to learn from my experience, and have a goal to shoot for.  I really enjoyed playing that role.  I got to "coach" others with my tips and recommendations after having gone through the workouts.  I also really enjoyed coming in at other times to cheer everyone else on and take pictures.  Such a great experience.  I'm so proud and blessed to be a part of this great community!

I have SO MANY things to work on.  I feel more focused than ever and I cannot wait for 15.1!!!

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