Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Must Exercise

I have totally fallen off the exercise wagon. It happened in late- July and has been spotty at best since then. Hmmm – that’s around the same time I had a major friend falling-out. Connection? Perhaps. That’s a whole other blog. I’d love to spill details on here, but it’s too close for comfort. Suffice it to say, no friendship is bullet proof, and there is no such thing as water under the bridge.

On a lighter note - I did manage to complete 2 weeks of something called the I-Diet, which is no more than a 1200 calorie per day menu plan that attempts to curb your cravings. Most days, I would rather eat 1200 calories of crap to lose weight, but I did manage to stick to it for awhile. My problem is I don’t enjoy having to “stick” to anything. That is where the exercise factor comes along. If I could just make exercise a habit, what I eat wouldn’t matter so much.

And now that Halloween is over and I have about 7 pounds of candy calling my name, I’d better get back on the exercise train, or else. I refuse to hover back into the 140’s and quite frankly, I deserve to be in the 120’s if I do say so myself.

There’s always tomorrow. . . I have already started the day off poorly - A few handfuls of candy corn and more than a handful of assorted chocolate snack-sized candy bars. I’m meeting a friend out after work, so I’m sure dinner won’t be the healthiest, and I’ll be lucky to avoid any wine. Not to mention the late-night dip I know I’m going to take into the candy bowl at my house when I get home

I have been watching some good TV lately, although I’ve obviously broken my rule about watching it only from the treadmill. In my bed, under the covers at 5am is SO much more appealing! Perhaps if I write it, I will do it. Don’t hold your breath, but I suppose it’s worth a try! Treadmill, tomorrow morning it is. My current line-up includes some great new shows like American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time.

P.S. – I haven’t officially written about my surfing lesson. I’ll get working on that – since there’s a possibility I might get the chance to surf next week in TX!! I did order one of those stupid family stick figure stickers (including both dogs) for my car. I almost got one for the cat (with angle wings), since he died last year. I know – what is happening to me? My image is of a surfer! It’s so obnoxious – I love it!

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