Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Ballet Obsession Continues

I'm still dancing! It's been awhile since 3 consecutive posts have actually been about the same thing. Consistency has never been my strong suit, but since I got my ballet mojo back, it's in full effect and there is NO sign of burn out up ahead!

I found a Tuesday night class that is 90 minutes long and a superb workout both physically and mentally. The teacher is very scientific regarding body placement and technique and really takes the time to explain corrections. I love it when she starts out by saying something like, "Now remember, when you're on stage . . ." Now, no one has told me I'm going to be on stage, but just the fact that she's teaching us like we might be getting out there is pretty awesome. If she taught a class every day, I would find a way to get there.

Saturdays are going well also. Ells is taking her class. She's not in love with it, and I'm pretty sure she'll be in gymnastics by the new year instead, but I gotta give her a couple more weeks, selfishly, to ensure I get my Saturday class in.

Another exciting development . . . I got my Marianna Rhyzkina Kitri tattoo!!! I had my last sitting last week and it is BEAUTIFUL! Completely covers up my former tribal sun tramp stamp and the black and red coloring is exquisite! For those who aren't familiar, Marianna is a verteran ballerina once with the Bolshoi Ballet (great Russian dance company) and Kitri is the lead role in Don Quixote. It's my favorite ballet and I've performed a few variations from Don Quixote in the past. It's one of the few that includes 32 fouette and some interesting allegro that is right up my alley! As soon as I lose another couple of pounds, I'll post a picture - the mini-love handles are not that attractive right now! What's so crazy about getting tattooed is that once you get one, you want more. I am already thinking about getting my next one - the phrase "L'art de ballet choisit le danceur" in script somewhere. It means, "the art of ballet choses the dancer" Ain't that the truth.

I have also found a great pilates instructor that I can visit once a week to help with my turn out and flexibility. She used to work with PA ballet dancers so she knows exactly how to help me. I would like to go more often, but at $65 a pop, and according to my darling husband, that's not going to happen. So I'm asking anyone who wants to get me a Christmas present to call Mara at Vital Pilates and hook me up!

Next week, I'm buying pointe shoes!!!

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