Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giddy up!

So after many false threats to get back on the P90X wagon, I've actually gotten on board. I've completed 3 days with 87 to go, but I'm thinking it's a promising start! (It's 2 days longer than any recent start of late.)
Tonight is Yoga night. Always a hard one for me for a couple of reasons: It's a 90 minute workout. It's physically challenging. When I'm bending and twisting, my belly pudge often gets in the way, sometimes even hurts! I WILL do it tonight - I must. I haven't weighed myself in a few days, and I'm going to try to avoid the scale for at least 2 full weeks. Been drinking lots of water and being careful eating, so hopefully this will continue for another 87 days and I can fit back into my clothes from last summer. I plan to check-in here more frequently - perhaps it will help keep me focused to stay on track.

What else is new? Got a new job at work. Really looking forward to a change of scenery with new challenges. We are staying with friends at the beach this weekend. First beach encounter of the summer - should be fun. Looking to add an animal to the family. We're thinking cat. I checked one out at the local SPCA that looked promising, but I want to wait until the first week of Aug when the whole family is off to help with any animal adjustments into our home. Poor Dewey - he has no clue he's about to get a feline sibling.

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  1. Go girl. I hate the darn yoga too . . half of it is physically impssible for me, but I do it anyway . . hope you are having a good summer. It is going SO fast! J